Saturday, April 27, 2013

{Beach Pants}

After making the Beach Bum Hoodie I had just enough fabric left over to make a pair of pants.  Well, I almost had enough...I did have to piece one of the legs but I really like how it turned out.  The best part was that all of my fabric had been used, not one piece left to go back into the stash that has grown out of control!

I used the Kickin' Back Sweats pattern from the Sewing For Boys book.  These pants are nice and roomy so they can slip on over shorts if it gets chilly.  I have made these pants a few times and they come together so nice and quickly. 

I think the little details like trim & topstitching make the garment.  I had picked up a pair of orange shoe laces at some point and decided to use them as embelishments on these pants.  I added functional drawstrings at the ankles, a faux drawstring at the waist and I added a shoestring stripe to the pocket. 

The leg I pieced together. It ended up on the back of the leg.
 I think it is pretty subtle yet almost looks like I did it
on purpose.  The drawstring adds interest and function.

One thing I like to do, especially with kids clothes, is to put a tag in them so the kiddo doesn't put them on backward. I usually use a scrap of contrasting fabric tucked into the elastic casing on the waist band. Sometimes I will use a piece of coordinating ribbon or twill tape.
It's finally warming up here and I can't wait for the kiddo to try these out!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

{Robot Tee}

I had so much fun making this funky robot t-shirt!  I bought a basic t-shirt at Hobby Lobby and used knit scraps to create the robot.  His eyes are giant googly eyes left over from another project and his zipper mouth came from a pair of worn out kids jeans. I used Heat 'n Bond to attach the shapes then zig-zagged around the largest shapes.  Next time I will use Heat 'n Bond Lite though because the heavy duty stuff is a bit thick and stiff. 
 Not only is this shirt funky and fun, it is functional for my little boy as well.  The mouth was carefully placed and when unzipped it reveals Milo's g-tube!  It is much more convenient and age appropriate to access his tube this way rather than lifing his shirt up to eat.  Milo has had his tube since he was 2 months old, it has become so much a part of who he is, he is reluctant to have it removed.  After 6 years he is finally eating enough by mouth that we really don't use his tube anymore. 

Peek-a-button!  Milo's g-tube is a "button" style and looks a lot like the flap on a beach ball.  Mr. Robot is drinking through his "straw" which is the extension tube that attaches to Milo's button.

Milo modeling how he "eats" with his tube.
Weather or not your little guy has extra accessories, who can pass up such a fun robot shirt!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Beach Bum}

It's been snowing here in Colorado so it's been a little hard to get into sewing for warmer weather!  My kiddo seems to have lots of summer clothes but I could not resist making him one fun outfit.  I found this great boardshort fabric at The Fabric Fairy, I found the t-shirt on clearance for $1, and had the perfect brown fabric already in my stash.  The pattern is the Beach Bum Hoodie and Board Shorts pattern by Figgy's.  I bought the pattern a couple of years ago but never got around to making them.  The pattern is still available on Etsy and Ebay. 
The Beach Bum Hoodie came together really well and I had it done in just over an hour of sewing time.  I had some dark brown fabric in my stash that was the perfect complement to the boardshort fabric.  I believe it is a type of guaze but thicker and has a pattern in the looser weave.  I made it in a size 4 and it fits just right.  The hood is constructed differently than I have ever done but it lays well and fits around his head nicely.  The contrast shoulder pieces were easy to assemble.  Attaching the hood and the facing was really very straight forward as well.  The only problems I ran into were related to my fabric choices.  The board shorts fabric is very slippery and the brown had a little stretch to it.
The Board Shorts are a size 4 and also fit well.  The side pockets on the shorts were a little bit of a challange at first, the second pocket was much easier.  There is a tutorial on line HERE that helps with the construction.  Boardshort fabric is a little more difficult to work with because it is slippery, frays easily, and doesn't hold a pressed crease very well.  I used lots of pins which especially helped with heming and making the elastic casing at the waistband.
I scored the t-shirt on clearance for $1 and couldn't have matched any better.  I added a graphic using a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint.  I searched for a surf board picture on the internet then added my son's name to the middle surf board for a little personalization.  The shirt had long sleeves so I just cut them off to turn it into a short sleeved t-shirt. 

I am very pleased how this outfit turned out and can't wait for some warmer weather!