Friday, January 27, 2012

{Raglan Tee}

About a year ago I stumbled upon a sewing blog and began searching for similar blogs and I came across the blog Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! written by Stacey, a mother of 3 boys, who chronicled many projects for her boys.  I was hooked! 

Last Fall a book called Sewing For Boys by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LaPage was published. I quickly went out and bought it, there really aren't many commercial patterns for boy clothes and projects and this book is full of wonderful ideas.  Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! is hosting the Sewing For Boys Sew Along this year and I just had to join in the fun.  For January, Stacey chose the Raglan Tee from the book.  This shirt is easy and quick to put together and looks adorable.  I chose to make a swim shirt for Milo to match the swim suit we had to buy at Christmas.  I forgot to pack his and had promised him we would go swimming at the hotel.  Nothing like going out in sub zero temperatures to hunt down swim shorts .  Thank goodness for clearance racks, this pair of shorts only set me back $3.  Because Milo has a g-tube and many sun-sensitive scars a swim shirt is a must so I used this pattern to make one to match.   

I think the Raglan Tee pattern lends it's self well to this project.  I used swimsuit fabric which is slippery and has lots of spandex in it.  I did have to use lots of pins to keep things from shifting. I tried something new and used the reverse applique method to add an adorable sea horse.  Milo is super skinny but has a long torso so I used the 2/3 size but lengthened the body and sleeves to the 4/5 length and it turned out just right.  If I make another swim shirt I will definitely make the neckband a bit longer.  It goes over his head but it is a tight fit and it gathers a bit more than I would like for a boy's shirt.  Overall I had a great time making this shirt and Milo LOVES it!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Hello There}

Hi!  My name is Janay.  I'm a single adoptive parent to a medically complex little boy.  Now that he is 5 years old and the medical stuff is consuming less time I am getting back into sewing, crafts & amature photography.  While my time for such endulgances is limited it not only allows me to have a mental break from the day to day stress, but my creativity has allowed me to problem solve issues that have arisen while caring for an infant/toddler with a tracheostomy & g-tube.

While I am not new to the blogging world I had never seen a sewing or crafting blog until about a year ago.  For years I had been following blogs about international adoption and then medically fragile kiddos.  I even write a blog about my son called Milostones to keep family & friends updated about his progress.  The world of sewing and crafting blogs inspired me to get back into my pre-kid hobbies and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Please stop by from time to time!  I plan on sharing my quilting endevors, adventures in making kids clothing, and small sewing & craft projects.  Some of the posts will be about lving with a special needs kid that will entertain and hopefully enlighten everyone about parenting a special needs/medically complex kiddo.  Once in a while I will share ideas about creative projects for the special needs community.  You will probably even see some posts promoting adoption & foster care because that's how my wonderful son came into my life.