Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Train Bedroom~~Railroad Art}

There are 3 major art projects in the train bedroom.  A grouping of photographs, a trio of hand painted canvases & a large subway art piece.

Across the orange stripe I painted on one wall I placed 10 photographs.  Each photo is 8x10 in a thin black frame I found at Wal*Mart for only $2 each.  The photos are pictures I took of train related items from a photo shoot I did with my son.  Most of the photos can be seen in the A Boy and His Train post.  I hung them with Command Picture Hanging Strips so they are securely attached to the wall and have less of a risk of falling off during the rambunctious boy activies that may occur in the room.

While searching for inspiration for the train bedroom I came across a print on Etsy the I loved but it was small and there was only one.  I new I needed something similar but more so I set out to create a set of 3 canvas panels. 

I decided on yellow, blue and green for the background colors and grey for the trains.  I searched for free train images and settled on 3 different types of trains; a bullet train, a steam engine and a disel train.  I created freezer paper stencils of each one cutting out all the small areas with an exacto knife.  I had hoped that the freezer paper would iron onto the canvases but it didn't so I taped it down the best I could.  The paint did leak under the stencil in many places so I had to touch it up with the base color paint.  It was a tedious process but the results are great.  These 3 pieces fit the space perfect.

Subway art
I created a piece of subway art using Photoshop Elements.  I placed a picture of Milo that I had taken in the center and surrounded it with various train/railroad terms in various sizes.  I used 2 different fonts and 2 different colors of grey for the words.  The boarder around the picture is a navy blue to match the picture.  I had the piece printed at Costco as a 20x30 print.  I had a poster frame that was in Milo's room already to I decided to use it again.  It was bigger than the print so I found some great yellow paper at Hobby Lobby in their art department that I used as a backing.

The final reveal is coming soon, check back soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

{Train Bedroom~~Curtains}

I found a picture of a train bedroom that had a train track on one of the walls and just loved it, you can see it here.  I knew that we didn't have enough wall space for that but I was determined to somehow work a track into the room.  I came up with a railroad track curtain rod.

For the rail road ties I used the ends of cedar fence pickets that were left over from the Cargo Box project.  For the rail I found an 8 foot piece of square aluminum pipe at Home Depot.  I attached the pickets to the wall with Command Picture Hanging Strips (I stapeled them to the wood) and the pipe is attached using a corner bracket.

The curtain is a tab back curtain.  The main part of the curtain is a dark grey curtain pannel I found at Ikea in their markdown section.  I wanted to use a duck cloth but could not find it in any shade of grey.  The curtain I found has a similar texture and it was cheaper, bonus!    To keeps the light (and the cold) out it is lined with black out fabric from Joann Fabrics.  The stripes on the ends are 6 inches wide.  I found this great railroad sign fabric on but when I went to order it (and needed it soon) it was temporarily out of stock.  I searched all the local fabric/quilting shops and no luck.  Someone told me to try and they had it. The name of it is:  Timeless Treasures Planes, Trains & Automobiles Train Signs Black and can be found here and here.

Milo's room stays nice and dark in the mornings, now if he would just sleep a little later on the weekends...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

{Train Bedroom~~Cargo Box}

My son loves his stuffed animals and I swear the things multiply on their own!  I found these stacking bins to corral the animals (and trust me they are stuffed in there tight) but when Milo went looking for a specific animal they all ended up on the floor, the bins came apart and it was a giant mess.  Most importantly his collection was out growing it's container.  It drove me nuts!  I had to find a solution...

I saw this on Pinterest and figured I could adapt it to the train theme.  I came up with a cargo box to hold all of those wild animals.  It is constructed of a 1x2 frame and clad with 4" wide cedar fence pickets. Screw eyes on the top and bottom hold bungie cords so the animals can be pulled out and pushed in.  The top is also open for easy access.  The bottom is actually left over chalk board from the train schedule project.  I glued felt to the bottom of the box to protect the wood floor.  Making this box was definately trial and error so I did not take pictures along the way.  I tried to make the demsions fit the spot I wanted to keep the animals in but it ended up a bit bigger than I planned so I had to find a different spot for the box. The finished demensions are 23" wide, 19" deep, and 49" tall.

I had to move the "caution" and "animals" boards to the other side when I had to
change my plans of where to place it in the room

The box ended up in a corner next to his dresser.  The footboard of the bed is only about 3 feet away so it creates a nice out of the way spot.  I did attach the box to the wall so that if he did climb on it, it wouldn't tip over on him.  The best part of this is that the stuffed animals are in their box much more than on the floor.  Searching for a specific animal is easier too when you can reach though the bungie cords and dig around.  This might be my favorite part of Milo new's room.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

{2 In 1 Jacket}

The final project for the Sewing For Boys Sew-Along at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts is the 2 in 1 jacket.  I can hardly believe it has been a whole year of sewing already!  I'm so glad Stacey chose this for the final project.  I had been wanting to make this jacket and this was just the incentive to finally get it done.  I altered the pattern by adding a hood instead of the collar.


Side one sports a wide wale corduroy with 3 hand embroidered bicycles.  The bicycles make their appearance on the front button placket, the edge of the hood and along the hem line on the back. It also has the welt pockets and a black hood.  The sleeve cuffs turn up to reveal the print from the reverse side.

Side two is a quilting cotton in black with bright multicolored bicycle print.  This side has patch pockets with a vibrant deep yellow bias tape trim along the top.  The hood on this side has a center piece in bright green flanked by the bicycle print. The sleeve cuffs turn up to show the corduroy from the other side.
I love the way this jacket turned out. I made the size 4/5 without any modifications to the width or lenght and it fits him great.  Side one can be worn with more dressy clothes but shows a bit of attitude with the bicycles peeking out. Side two is a fun print for everyday play. When worn as side one the pockets on the reverse side make the perfect inside pockets to stash boy treasure.