Saturday, January 26, 2013

{Train Bedroom~~Cargo Box}

My son loves his stuffed animals and I swear the things multiply on their own!  I found these stacking bins to corral the animals (and trust me they are stuffed in there tight) but when Milo went looking for a specific animal they all ended up on the floor, the bins came apart and it was a giant mess.  Most importantly his collection was out growing it's container.  It drove me nuts!  I had to find a solution...

I saw this on Pinterest and figured I could adapt it to the train theme.  I came up with a cargo box to hold all of those wild animals.  It is constructed of a 1x2 frame and clad with 4" wide cedar fence pickets. Screw eyes on the top and bottom hold bungie cords so the animals can be pulled out and pushed in.  The top is also open for easy access.  The bottom is actually left over chalk board from the train schedule project.  I glued felt to the bottom of the box to protect the wood floor.  Making this box was definately trial and error so I did not take pictures along the way.  I tried to make the demsions fit the spot I wanted to keep the animals in but it ended up a bit bigger than I planned so I had to find a different spot for the box. The finished demensions are 23" wide, 19" deep, and 49" tall.

I had to move the "caution" and "animals" boards to the other side when I had to
change my plans of where to place it in the room

The box ended up in a corner next to his dresser.  The footboard of the bed is only about 3 feet away so it creates a nice out of the way spot.  I did attach the box to the wall so that if he did climb on it, it wouldn't tip over on him.  The best part of this is that the stuffed animals are in their box much more than on the floor.  Searching for a specific animal is easier too when you can reach though the bungie cords and dig around.  This might be my favorite part of Milo new's room.

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  1. That is fabulous! It reminds me of the book "Dear Zoo" by Rod Cambell which is quite a classic here in the UK.