Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Sewing For Boys Sew Along~~Wrap-Up}

I can hardly believe that it has been a whole year of Sewing For Boys!  I participated in 10 of the 12 months, May and November were just too busy to get sewimg accomplished.  I really enjoyed the challanges of learning new techniques and the opportunity to sew items I might not have tried before.  Stacey at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts did a wonderful job hosting this sew along and providing us with great prizes each month.  I was fortunate to win a beautiful bag that she made.  I have already used it many times. Thank You so much for this great year long sewing-fest.

Raw Edge Raglan Tee (January 2012) -- I conquered sewing with lycra/spandex & tried my hand at reverse applique.

Kickin' Back Sweats (February) -- Used French Seams and top-stitching seam allowances flat for a more finished look and comfortable fit.

Easy Linen Shirt (March) -- Tried the Turn and Stitch method of finishing the seams in conjuction with hem facings on the bottom and sleeve cuffs.  Added topstitching to give it a little more interesting look

Treasure Pocket Pants (April) -- Again used French Seams to finish these pants.  Also used microfleece to make applique on pant leg and the seat of the pants.

Henry Shirt (June) -- Learned how to attach yoke/sleeve piece that was cut on the bias.  It was a bit tricky but turned out great.

Heartbreaker Pants (July) -- First time making pants with adjustable elastic in the back of the waistband.

Luka Hoodie (August) --  I decided to add a zipper instead of buttons to the front closure and that was a challange.  I also added an elastic cord at the waist band.  Loved how the secret pocket was made.

Pauley's Pullover (September) -- Attaching a v-neck binding.  So much easier than the scrubs I used to make with a v-neck.

Goodnight Sweetheart Pajamas (October) --  The pattern I have made the most.  Jammies that are so comfortable and so cute.  I added cuffs to the pants and the shirt sleeves in a coordinating fabric.

2 In 1 Jacket (December 2012/January 2013) -- First time attemping welt pockets.  I need to practice this some more.
Check out the Sewing For Boys Sew Along Flickr Group to see all the wonderful boy clothes that the participants sewed over the last year.  There are some great things there!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

{Melted Crayon Laundry Disaster}

Laundry disaster!  I forgot to check the secret pocket on his hoodie and a yellow crayon made it through the washer and the dryer.  The only 2 pieces of clothes in the entire load that got yellow crayon melted on was his elephant hoodie that I made for him and a pair of jeans.  The hoodie got it the worst, by far.  Mostly on the hood, but quite a bit of it.

I had no idea how to remove this much melted crayon from clothes so it sat in the laundry area for months.  I finally decided to tackle my problem so where did I start?  Google of course!  I came across a blog that sung the praises of LA's Totally Awesome so I gave it a go.  I found this stain remover at Family Dollar for only $1 a bottle. 
She said to put the clothing in the wash on the hottest, longest setting and add half the bottle.  I also pre-treated the spots with a bit of the stain remover as well.  No scrubbing, no elbow grease required.

 After the first wash quite a bit of the crayon was gone and what was left seemed to have balled up on the surface of the fabric.  I scraped off what I could with my fingernail and sent it through the wash again.  I pre-treated the spots and added about a 1/3 cup of the stain remover.

After the second wash all that is left is a faint yellow spot on the top of the hood.  The spot on the inside of the hood is gone as is the spot on the solid part of the hood.  I am hopeful that the remaining spot will fade more when washed again.  To say I am releaved that this hoodie was saved is an understatement.  It is one of my favorite things that I have made for him.  In fact I'm working on a pair of matching sweatpants.

I would have to say that LA's Totally Awesome has definately lived up to it's name!

Friday, February 1, 2013

{Train Bedroom~~Reveal}

I set out to transform my son's toddler room into a bedroom that can grow with him.  He loves trains but soon will be out of the Thomas, Chuggington & Dinosaur Train themes.  His new bedroom is a train room that he will fit him for many years.  Thomas did sneak in a few places but nothing that can't be removed or replaced when the times come.  Without further ado...
Rail Road crossing sign on his bedroom door was found on Amazon and was a Christmas gift from Grandma.
The view from the door.  The bedspread is the Alina beadspread from Ikea.   The orange pillow is a body pillow and ribbed cover from Target.  The light grey pillowcases are from Wal*Mart.  A bit of Thomas made it into the room with a mini pillow pet and a fleece blanket.  Details on the curtain can be found here, and the photographs here.
 This is the wall to the left of the door.  Behind the door to the hall is the vintage inspired train schedule.  The closet door has a railroad crossing sign and gate.  The rail road spike coat rack and a trio of train canvas panels finished off this wall.
On the dresser is a large metal distressed M and a tin steam engine, both from Hobby Lobby.  The lamp is from his old room, I'm still searching for just the right lamp.
The adjacent wall has a large window covered with a train themed curtain held up with a rail road track curtain rod.

The next wall has the orange stripe with a grouping of 10 rail road related photographs.

The final wall is the smallest but ended up with the most going on.  The low dresser and stuffed animal cargo box set along this wall beside the door.  Above the box are 2 shelves from Ikea (Fabian wall shelf) which hold special stuffed animals, an elephant poster from our zoo and 1 more train photograph.  Above the lower shelf is a cork board to hold treasures.  Beside the shelves is the Subway Art and then the final railroad spike hat rack adorned with a bandana, train hat and train whistle.
It was a lot of fun (and work) to put this room together for my growing boy.  I revealed it to him on his 6th birthday when he got home from school.  I was a little worried about making so many changes to him room at once.  He isn't very good with change, so I painted the walls in October so he had a while to get used to idea.  He saw other elements in various stages of construction and I'm sure that helped as well.  His reaction was priceless, he LOVES his new train room.  For several days he would say "I love my new train bedroom, Thank You!" out of the blue.  There is no better thanks than that.