Monday, April 23, 2012

{treasure pocket pants}

April's Sewing For Boys Sew-along pattern is the Treasure Pocket Pants.  I was so excited that this was the next pattern because as I was making the shirt last month I knew a pair of matching pants would be fun.  The pattern calls for 2 different fabrics but I ended up using 3 fabrics to match with the shirt. 

The waist band and the sides of the legs are the puppy paw print that I used on the collar and hem facings on the easy linen shirt from last month.  Above the pocket I used the main white/black fabric from the shirt.  The main part of the pants is a baby wail corduroy.  It seemed to me the weight difference between the cotton fabric and corduroy would be bothersome to my son so I lined the side panels with corduroy as well. 
As I was attempting to assemble the side panels I realized that the pattern pieces did not match up.  A quick internet search revealed the solution, the top pocket pattern piece (white and black stripey print on the pants) was printed incorrectly and the correction can be found here.  I didn't have enough fabric to re-cut the piece so I trimmed down the other part and luckily they fit my skinny kiddo perfectly. 

Dog applique on the front
Paw print applique on the bum

To embellish these pants I added an applique of a dog on the front of the leg and puppy print on the bum.  The dog is the same as the button on the shirt and paw print is the same as on the fabric.  I used a white micro-fleece for the applique so I didn't have to worry about the fabric fraying.

The whole outfit turned out as cute as can be and Milo has already worn it several times.

Since it's also Kids Clothes Week over at Elsie Marley I think a pair of treasure pocket shorts might be a good project this week.

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  1. Oh, I just love a coordinating outfit. Both the shirt and the pants have turned out fabulously.