Thursday, April 26, 2012

{KCWC~~half way through}

This week is Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at where hundreds of people join in pledging to sew kids clothes/accessories for at least 1 hour a day for 7 days.  I haven't finished as many projects as I had hoped but really my guy doesn't need many new summer clothes.  So far I have made a pair of red, white & blue plaid shorts and embellished a plain grey hoodie.

Patriotic Shorts:

Fabric:  red, white & blue plaid Madras style from Jo-Ann's
and powder blue knit for lining and pocket lining
Pattern:  Basic Kid Pants from MADE also used shorts, pocket & lining option

There's a Dino in my Pocket Jacket:

Supplies:  Light grey hoodie from Target clearance 
green interlock knit from Jo-Ann's, Heat 'n Bond Lite
blue embroidery thread & a dab of fabric paint
Technique:  I laid paper over the front of the jacket and drew the dinosaur head coming out of one pocket and the tail out of the other.  When I was satisfied with the dinosaur I cut out the pattern and traced it onto the Heat 'n Bond in mirror image.  I ironed the knit to the Heat 'n Bond and cut out the pieces.  I arranged them onto the jacket and ironed them down.  The knit won't fray but to add a little more color I stitched around the edge with blue embroidery thread and gave him a little mouth.  The eye I dabbed on with a bit of fabric paint.

Up Next:  I'm in the process of making Treasure Pocket Shorts from the pants pattern in the Sewing For Boys book.

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