Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Train Bedroom~~Vintage Inspired Train Schedule}

Check out my pin for the inspiration for this project.

Frames can be expensive and since I didn't already have one the right size I started searching clearance sections of the craft stores.  I was able to find assemble your own frame sections in just the right lengths to make a frame that is 22"x28" for a very reasonable price.

I found chalkboard at Home Depot in 24"x48" sheets.  They even cut it to the size I needed.  I was going to use chalkboard paint but this option was really less expensive and time consuming than buying a board and paint.

I taped off the lines to paint with masking tape and painted them with an off white acrylic craft paint.

next time I'll try painter's tape rather than masking tape

After removing the tape I realized that the lines did not come out a clean as I had hoped.  The board has just a little texture to it and the paint ran under the tape a bit. 

I made stencils using my Cricut machine to get the right size letters.  I used a metallic gold Sharpie to add the lettering.  I tried using a cream colored pencil for the letters but I was not pleased with the results.
The top line has been cleaned up with the black sharpie.
 The other lines show how much paint leaked under the tape.
 To clean up the paint lines and around the lettering I used a black sharpie.
 Install it in the frame and it's done!

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