Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trach Christmas Ornament

I made this for a very special nurse and friend who moved away several years ago.  She took care of Milo while he was in the hospital.  After we came home she also worked some over night shifts for us.  When she moved to California just before Christmas I made this ornament for her.

To make this I tied ribbons along the cannula, put some rhinestones around the outer part, and threaded some yarn through the cannula to which I attached some snowflake buttons.  A piece of twill trach tie placed around the base of the outer part, right against the flanges, was used to hang the ornament (it didn't hang right if tied through the holes of the flanges).  I also decorated a little clear bucket to store the ornament in.  On the back of one flange I wrote his name and the year.
I still have several trachs that I couldn't donate because the were expired or used.  Every year I intend on making myself and ornament but in the hustle and bustle it just hasn't happened yet.  Maybe I should to it in January for next year's tree!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from my family to yours.

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