Monday, November 19, 2012

{Milo's New Room}

It's time to make over Milo's bedroom!  As his 6th birthday approaches I realize that his toddler bedroom just doesn't fit his personality or interests anymore.  Over the next few weeks I hope to share some projects I have done to transform his room from todder fish/ocean/tropical theme to a growing boy's train theme.  I have some great ideas that I have gathered from across the internet and pinned on Pinterest, here's a link to my Train Bedroom Inspiration board.  Honestly I had a bit of a hard time finding ideas for a boys's room instead of a baby/toddler room.  I decided that I wanted to use Thomas and Chuggington only sparingly in his new room so the decor can grow with him.  He still likes Thomas and Chuggington but is not as obsessed with them as he used to be.

The before pictures

Ready for Milo to come home from the hospital (March 2008)

Some of Milo's medical equipment:
 ventilator with heater on the stand
 feeding pump on back of crib
 way too many cords and tubes under the bed
Toddler bed (July 2009)
Current Pictures (October 2012)

The 3 foot tall oxygen tank was next to the dresser

Watch the transformation of Milo's room, the big reveal will be on his birthday in 10 days.

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