Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{Pajama Addict}

This month's pattern in the Sewing For Boys Sew-along at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy is the Goodnight Sweetheart PJs.  To say I was excited was an understatement. I'm a pajama addict, I'll admit it.  For some reason I just love little kid pajamas.  Milo's pajama drawer is stuffed :0)  I had a great excuse for having so many pairs of pajamas for him for many years.  Milo's g-tube would leak a little at night from being rolled around on.  Every night his jammies would get dirty so he had to have a new pair every night.  Now that he isn't using it much anymore, it doesn't leak much but he still has lots of PJs.

The Goodnight Sweetheart PJs was the first pattern I made from the book when I got it about a year ago.  Using some adorable monkey flannel I dove right in making the pattern in size 2/3 without any modifications.  I learned a very important thing, wash flannel before you sew with it.  Flannel shrinks significantly.  I also realized (before washing the shirt) that I would need to add a few inches to the length of the shirt.  The pants were crazy wide as well on my skinny kid.  For my next attempt I made dinosaur flannel pajama pants to try to get a better fit.  Then I made race car pajama pants with a contrasting cuff.  For the second full set of pajamas I used some fun elephant fabric and coordinating stripes for the cuffs and facings.  In addition I added cuffs to the sleeves with a piping detail.  I added about 2 inches in length to the top as well which fit Milo much better.

This time I used 1 yard each of 2 coordinating flannels, pre-washed of course, again in size 2/3.  A brown and blue striped flannel was used for the pants with a puppy print flannel for the cuff.  I did make the cuffs differently than the pattern calls for.  I cut about 3 inches off the bottom of the pant leg and added the contrasting cuff with piping.  These cuffs can not be turned down but they are long enough he shouldn't outgrow them very fast.  I found that the cuffs on the other pants never layed right anyway and would become very wrinkled in the laundry. Milo has grown enough in the last year that the width of the original pattern fits perfectly.   For the shirt I used the puppy print with the stripes contrasting on the facing and the cuffs which were both done with the same piping detail as the pants cuff.  I did add 2 inches in lenght for proper fit.  Just for fun I added 2 puppy buttons the to shirt, one on top and one on the bottom.

I made some matching slippers to keep those toes warm on cold winter nights.

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  1. They are all so great but I think the elephants are my favorite. I'd want to sleep in them every night. What a lucky little guy to have such a talented pj making mommy. Way to go!