Monday, October 8, 2012

{KCWC day 1 ~~ Slippers}

Fall has finally arrived in our neck of the woods and winter even snuck in for a few days this last weekend. It's time to keep those toes warm!  I decided to make slippers for my son without a pattern.  I did use this tutorial from Made By Rae as a starting point but changed the look quite a bit.  In the end, after lots of trial and error, I ended up with a decent pair of fleece cross-over slippers.

My original vision did not include the elastic around the ankle but they just would not stay on without it.  I tried just a bit in the back but that wasn't enough either.  I added 2 snaps to help with the fit as well.  I really liked the look of them without the elastic but they don't do much good if they won't stay on the feet :0)  Because the bottom was also fleece and we have slippery hardwood flooring I drew a design with fabric paint to help them become a non-slip sole.
Last year I bought some faux suede/sheepskin fabric with the intention of crafting some slippers but it never happened so I figured I would do it this year.  I did try but it was one big FAIL. 
Not only was it difficult to sew the uppers to the sole because there was NO stretch, my son hated the feel of them.  One slipper turned out alright but definitely needed some snaps.  I got Milo to try it on and he wouldn't even walk in it.  He hated it, sigh.  The other slipper was a disaster from the start.  The sole was totally puckered after trying to join it with the upper and I gave in.  If Milo wouldn't wear them anyway I was not going to stress over it.  After photographic evidence of the disaster was recorded, these guys ended up in the garbage!

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