Monday, October 15, 2012

{KCWC Days 5 & 6 ~~ Footie Pajamas}

On Days 5 & 6 I managed to sew for about 1 hour each day and finished off one pair of footie pajamas for my son.  I had hoped to make two pair but I guess it was not ment to be.

This is a pattern I drafted myself when I realized that he had grown out of all the knit footie pajamas I could find.  Due to his eczema footie pajamas work the best, year round, not to mention this kid won't sleep with a blanket covering him.  All of commercially available footie pajama patterns were just too wide so I realized I would have to make my own pattern, for the first time.  This pattern was a work in progress most of the summer with several improvements needed each time.  They are a bit big on him, nice and comfy, but so big they fall down off the ends of his feet when he walks. 

 I also made "hand covers" attached to the sleeves to help with the night time scratching, which seems to be the worst for him.  They are really just like the little mittens on newborn clothing :0)  His hands are free before bed time so he can play and read books.  At bedtime they are simply flipped over so he can not inflict damage on himself during the night.  They work great!

Hand Out, Hand Covered
Not the best picture but hopefully you get the idea.

Originally I used to knit (jersey or interlock) to make these since the weather was warmer.  I found some crazy soft microfleece and new they would make great winter pajamas.  I added a bright green zipper, rib knit collar and bias tape around the wrists.  I really like how the grey and green look together.
I hit a wall on Sunday and just couldn't make myself get to the sewing machine but after a day away I'm ready to take on one last project today, lined wool trousers...wish me luck!

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