Thursday, October 11, 2012

{KCWC day 4 ~~ Upcycled Hoodie}

I'm so excited that I finished my day 4 project before my son went to bed and it was even still light outside!  Today I made a zip front hoodie from a men's XL hooded sweatshirt and lined it with flannel from a men's XL work shirt.  The colors matched perfectly and the flannel gives it just a little more warmth for the cool morning and evenings this fall.

I had never upcycled a garment like this so it was kind of new territory but I loved it.  The flannel lining made it a bit more of a challenge but it all worked out.  I used a McCalls pattern to cut out the pieces.  I did leave the ribbing on the front, back and sleeves which made the construction go a bit faster and the result was still great.  I used the front pocket from the original sweatshirt so they didn't match up exactly but honestly you don't notice when he's wearing the jacket.  One thing I messed up on was cutting out the sleeves, I cut two left sleeves so had to do a little patching to get a right sleeve.  I didn't have enough material left to cut another one.  Fortunately the patch is barely noticeable and is hidden under the hood most of the time.  The hood I cut down from the original hood as well and was even able to use the metal grommets.  The biggest problem I had with the construction was the thickness of the seams.  Two layers of sweatshirt fleece plus two heavy layers of flannel was about all my serger was able to work with, add a layer for the pockets and the seam allowances were just too much for it to handle.  My sewing machine did a little better but was protesting by the end as well.
I added a little pocket with a freezer paper stenciled M on the sleeve just to give it a little personalization.  I already had a blue zipper so I thought the blue pocket tied it in nicely.  I also did some top stitching in the navy blue.  I did do a zig-zag stitch around the hood (in yellow) but the thickness caused the stitches to be uneven, if I had it to again I would have used a maroon thread for that so it wouldn't stand out so much.

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