Monday, October 22, 2012


Still working on my overly ambitious list from Kids Clothes Week Challenge, I set out to make a pair of wool trousers for my son.  Then I realized that I had misplaced the knit fabric for the lining but I finally found the knit and got them finished!  I love how they turned out.  Perfect for our fall weather and Thanksgiving dinner with family.
Fabric: 100% wool in browns & cream plaid pattern; remnant from Jo-Ann's I've had for a year
Pattern: Little Heartbreaker Pants from the Sewing For Boy's Book
Construction & Modifications:  The pattern is great and the pants come together quite quickly.  I did take 2 inches out of the front and 2 inches out of the back to make them a more slim fit.  I lined them with a soft jersey knit in a cream color to add warmth and softness and so the wool wouldn't irritate my guys sensitive skin.  Lining these pants was a bit trickier than I expected. 
I layered the knit with the wool treating them as one piece then when finishing the seams I trimmed the wool to make sure it was enclosed in the knit.  I cut the waist facing pieces from the knit only which worked well.  One of the best parts of this pattern is how easy it is to make an adjustable waistband. 

The pocket lining was also knit and the pocket is made from brown corduroy.  I love the cuff detail in this pattern.  I had enough fabric that I could cut the cuffs on the bias to vary the pattern from the pant legs and I think they turned out great.  I added faux button tabs in brown corduroy on the side of the legs for a bit of extra detail.  I do like how they look but if I do it again I will make the tab wider. 
I looked through Milo's fall and winter clothes and found this lovely sweater that matches the pants perfectly.  I think he will look very smart and handsome come Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. Those are ADORable!! He really will be handsome on Thanksgiving! I love the tab detail! Are you worried about the wool standing up to little boy messiness?