Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Kickin' Back Sweats}

I can hardly believe February is almost over!  I'm getting this in just under the line, well I suppose this year there is an extra day.  February's Sewing for Boys assignment over at Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh Boy! was to create a pair of Kickin' Back Sweats (or Mr. Two Face Pants if you have a littler guy). 

Since my guy is into wearing "soft pants" now I thought it would be great to use sweatshirt fleece for a comfy pair of pants.  The color choice at my local fabric shop was a bit sparse but I chose a nice navy blue and used a patchwork navy, light blue, red plaid for the pocket.  To highlight the light blue in the pocket I accented around it with some baby blue knit fabric. Without a hem the unfinished pant legs roll up a bit after being washed, it gives them a nice cozy, lived-in look.  My guy is super skinny so I did take the pattern in a bit when I made these so he wouldn't swim in them and they fit him perfectly.  To embellish them and create a personal touch I found a distressed letter M and used a little fabric paint and fabric marker to make it coordinate with the pocket.  Every time Milo sees a letter M he proclaims "there's my M"!  He is very fond of his soft M pants but refused to let me take of picture of him wearing them.
It took some doing but if I held them just right they would stand up
by themselves for just long enough to snap a photo!

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