Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Hello There}

Hi!  My name is Janay.  I'm a single adoptive parent to a medically complex little boy.  Now that he is 5 years old and the medical stuff is consuming less time I am getting back into sewing, crafts & amature photography.  While my time for such endulgances is limited it not only allows me to have a mental break from the day to day stress, but my creativity has allowed me to problem solve issues that have arisen while caring for an infant/toddler with a tracheostomy & g-tube.

While I am not new to the blogging world I had never seen a sewing or crafting blog until about a year ago.  For years I had been following blogs about international adoption and then medically fragile kiddos.  I even write a blog about my son called Milostones to keep family & friends updated about his progress.  The world of sewing and crafting blogs inspired me to get back into my pre-kid hobbies and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Please stop by from time to time!  I plan on sharing my quilting endevors, adventures in making kids clothing, and small sewing & craft projects.  Some of the posts will be about lving with a special needs kid that will entertain and hopefully enlighten everyone about parenting a special needs/medically complex kiddo.  Once in a while I will share ideas about creative projects for the special needs community.  You will probably even see some posts promoting adoption & foster care because that's how my wonderful son came into my life.

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