Saturday, March 22, 2014

{Lunch Bag}

Just the other day I realized my son's store bought lunch bag was coming apart.  Ugh, only 2 more months of school and he needs a new one. Kids lunch bags/boxes is not something that is common to find in the stores this time of year.  My son takes his lunch to school every single day.  He has several food allergies and is a picky eater so it is just safer to send a lunch that I know he will eat.  Because Milo is messy, his lunch bag gets a good washing in the machine at least once a week and I'm sure that is why it is falling apart.
I found a pin on Pinterest that was perfect!  A kid sized waterproof, insulated and washable lunch bag.  The next day I ventured down to the fabric store while the kiddo was at school to gather the necessary materials and by the end of the day he had a new lunch bag he was thrilled with.
This tutorial by Zaaberry is wonderful and there are instructions for an adult size lunch bag too.  She provides lots of pictures and great instructions.  It took me around an hour to make the lunch bag.  I did add a few details to the original tutorial as well.

I added a pocket on one side to tuck a note or special treat into. 

I also added a loop so that it can attach to his backpack.  It also fits just right into his backpack.

The size is perfect too.  Not too small and big enough that it will accommodate a growing apatite.  It holds his drink and food thermos plus an applesauce pouch, and yogurt tube without any problems.

For the inside I used a PUL so that it can be wiped clean and will contain small messes and spills.  The middle layer is insulated so that his lunch will stay cold with a small ice pack.
The most important thing is that Milo loves his new lunch bag and insisted he use it the very next day!!

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